Vitallys Plus is a personal care line designed especially for the global market. Vitallys Plus aims to be a comprehensive solution for the health care. It's a brand aimed at people who care about feeling good and caring of your health. Vitallys Plus means essential, fundamental, and transcendent. 
The brand is property of MDX Electronics which has been associated with the development of the electronics industry for the consumer through all of Latin America for more than 10 years. Through our partnerships with recognized brands and manufacturers, we have developed business strategies and systems that establish us as a leader in the development of consumer products to the wholesale and retail. We excel by providing solutions from beginning to end that contribute in maximizing the profits of our clients.

Our products are distributed through a network of over four thousand establishments from the qualified retail, to the wholesalers, traders, and our own stores of telecommunication equipment. Our team of sales and local representatives help to penetrate effectively in each market. Finally, through high productivity and excellent volumes of sale, we always open perspectives to new investments.